Why Taking a Coach Holiday to Spain is a Great Idea!

Taking a coach trip to Spain is the perfect solution when looking for an affordable getaway.


Whether you’re looking for adventure or a relaxing break, traveling by coach is ideal. Spain is considered an affordable holiday destination with something for everyone. In fact, Costa del Sol has been rated as the third cheapest city in Europe. We think coach holidays to Spain are great!


Each coach trip to Spain has a different Itinerary, check details on the page for what is included in each coach holiday.


Some Itinerary highlights you can expect are listed below from one of our more affordable coach trips to Spain Costa Brava:


Itinerary highlights:


-Hotel for 6 nights with breakfast & dinner

-Evening entertainment programme

-6 nights free bar between 6pm and 11.30pm offering a choice of beers, wines and soft drinks

-Overnight hotel for 2 nights with breakfast

-Visits to Girona, Figueres and Rosas

-Free time to enjoy Santa Susanna



It’s got World’s Grand Cities and Sites


When you get a coach holiday to Spain, you can visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world. With Madrid for some of the world’s best shopping, Alhambra Palace for stunning architecture and the Camp Nou for the football lovers, coach holidays can suit everyone. While some travel to experience the local culture and cuisines, the others do it for adventure or art.


If you’re willing to rekindle your relationship with the divine being then the Mosque of Cordoba, or the Toledo Cathedral, Toledo are perfect, holy places to visit for the revival of your spirituality.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of what you can experience on a coach holiday to Spain;


The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba


The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most sought after tourists’ destinations, especially for Muslim visitors.


Although the mosque-cathedral has a religious significance for religious classes including the Muslims and Catholics, it is actually well-known for its historical prestige and is the emblem of Spain’s diversity and its personal tolerance.


Later on, this monument was renamed as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Today, the mosque-cathedral is an exemplary remnant of the Moorish creativity and architecture and is a must-visit site on your coach holiday to Spain.


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of The See


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the see is more often than not, referred to as Seville Cathedral. The cathedral ranks third on the list of largest churches all over the globe. The Cathedral of Saint Mary is the largest gothic church in the world and has had its roots deep within the soils of Spain for over six centuries now. For spiritual connection and revival, this is the perfect stop for on your coach trip to Spain.



The Alhambra


This is a beautiful trip to take while in Spain. Known as the very crest of the Moorish regime and the Muslim dynasty. The Alhambra palace is found on the hilltops of Granada, Andalusia. The palace was initially built for the military as a defence in 889 AD. This area remained a neglected area of Spain mainly until it later caught the attention of the public and even became the centre of attention after its complete revamp and reconstruction back in the mid-13th century by the Emperor of the time, Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar.


The Emperor took residence in the palace and customized it to serve his thirst for luxury and lavishness which gave Alhambra some of the face and features we observe today, Rulers following the Emperor added their own elements to the palace which adds to the history of the building. Plus, if you are a Game of Thrones fan or adore movies like the Gladiator, you’ll be sure to love it.


Colossal chambers with grandiose ceilings, lofty halls, marble fountains, private royal baths, and pomegranate gardens, merely serve as a foretaste of this Moorish-Hispanic treasure. A guided coach tour will reveal to you the secrets, and shadiest of nooks that nestle in this historic gem, that some would argue is deserved of the title – the eighth wonder of the world.


The Cave of Altamira


As far as history is concerned, the Cave of Altamira remains dateless and goes back to the ancient times with its initial time of establishing a secret to all. Come to take a coach trip to the Cave and see for yourself, this truly remarkable piece of history. Situated in Cantabria, this ancient site of the world boasts polychrome rock paintings of the wildlife and a human figure produced between fourteen to eighteen thousand years ago. According to estimates, the architecture is at least 35,600 years old and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Beach Of La Concha


No coach holiday to Spain is complete without a stop at the beach. Famous for its long sandy beaches and popular with tourists for its variety of water sports a coach trip to the Spanish seaside is easy. One of the best golden beaches is the Beach of La Concha. It is situated in San Sebastian’s Bay of La Concha. Facilitated with all the urban luxuries and located at close proximity to the city, giving it the downtown vibe. This beach does not disappoint, book your coach holiday to Spain now, and you can be by the Spanish seaside in no time.


The Roman Theatre Of Merida


Constructed back in the 1st century, BC, the Roman Theatre of Merida is one of the most popular, ancient buildings in Spain that reflects the country’s history during the Roman civilization.


According to archaeologists, this building was created by the consul Vipsanius Agrippa in Emerita Agusta, a city of the Roman Empire at that time.


The theatre was one of the most exciting and iconic parts of Roman life and is where all the Roman plays we read today were performed then. What is so remarkably striking about this building is its refined and robust architecture that exhibits the true spirit of Roman craftsmanship for the fact that the building, even though the building is thousands of years old, has still withstood the tests of time and wear & tear. This is a popular attraction, and so it is always a good idea to take a coach trip.


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