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Door2Tour Team at WimbledonThanks for taking the time to visit the Door2Tour.com blog, where we hope to be informative, interesting, useful and dare we even say entertaining on anything from ocean or river cruising to theatre breaks. Whatever we blog about, the main thing is that we’re here for you – ideas, infographics, reviews on places we’ve been to, tried and tested tours, recommendations on where to go, top 10s, interviews and tips you may find useful when coming to book your next holiday – these are all things we hope will help you out in some way, shape or form.

Feel free to chip in with the debate or share your honest views with whatever we’re blogging about, new or old. This is your opportunity to join the debate. If we’ve left something glaringly obvious off a Top 10 (or 5), tell us. If you’d like help with something, ask us. You get the picture.

Above all, we hope you enjoy reading.

The Door2Tour team.

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