Romantic Destinations That People Have Considered For City Breaks

Bristol CathedralPlanning a romantic getaway with your partner? Learn about the most romantic destinations in the UK by learning about the following places:


Bristol is considered one of the most romantic places in Britain, and according to the people living here, the most romantic area in the city is Clifton that consists of beautiful buildings done in Gregorian style. Take your partner for a walk and explore the beautiful terraces, gardens, and be mesmerized by the views down the Avon Gorge.


Wales is known for its beautiful landscape, so why not consider the Welsh capital that is Cardiff for your romantic city break?


Cornwall is considered a romantic destination due to its topography, which consists of creeks, dunes, and cliffs.


The architecture of Cotswolds will give you a glimpse of the 20th century, which will make your getaway very romantic.


Devon is home to a beautiful beach and great food, which is perfect for the couple who wants to spend their time by the beach.


Go to Edinburgh if you want to have a look at beautiful cliffs and want to explore the beautiful Old Town and the gorgeous New Town.

London, Big BenLondon

London is also considered a romantic place, as the city is home to beautiful architecture that is one in Victorian style.


The city is the birthplace of Shakespeare and has a strange charm to it, which is why you should visit it with your partner.


York is famous all over the world for its beautiful architecture and history that dates back to more than 2,000 years. Make sure you explore the beautiful churches, galleries, and alleyways with your better half.

In conclusion, here you have the list of the most romantic places in the UK that you can consider for city breaks.