Christmas around the World

Mulled WineChristmas is one of the most celebrated festivals and it  is celebrated differently in different countries.  So let’s have a look how people celebrate Christmas around the world:


In Australia, it is quite warm during the Christmas season, which is why most of the families spend their time doing barbecue by the beach. There is a local tradition according to which Santa Claus swaps the reindeers for kangaroos.


Some Brazilians believe that animals get the power of speaking during Christmas Eve. Parents place presents in shoes rather than in stockings.


A famous Bulgarian tradition involves boys singing Christmas carols outside homes and then getting a pat on their back with a decorated stick.

Czech Republic

Czechs don’t eat anything on Christmas Eve until they are a served a special dinner. Other than this, unmarried girls place cherry twigs in water on the 4th of December and if it blossoms before Christmas, then it means that the girl will get married the following year.


In Germany, St Nikolaus travels with a scary character that warms children to behave during the year.


In Greece, the elders wrap a cross in basil and then use it to ward off evil spirits by sprinkling holy water. They also burn old shoes as it is thought that it would bring good luck.


Christmas tradition sin Iceland are very unique, as it consists of 13 Santas that come down one by one from the mountains during the festivals and leave presents for children.


Most of the Christians in India decorate mango trees and fir trees are not common in the region.


In Mexico, Christmas is followed by the Festival of the Radishes, in which the local carves human figures pout of radishes.


In Poland, the main meal is on the Christmas Eve and the family has to make sure that the legs of the table are strong because a twelve course meal is served.


In Serbia, the presents are given to the children one Sunday before the Christmas. Another tradition is that the children tie up their mothers two Sundays before Christmas and she has to pay a ransom (usually gifts) in order to be freed. The following Sunday the same ritual is repeated with the father.


In Ukraine, it is a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree with spider webs.