Coach Holidays To Rome

ColosseumAs a result of 3000 years of ad hoc development, Rome’s cityscape is a truly exhilarating sight to visit on your coach holiday.  Here you will find many ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon which capture the golden ages, while monumental basilicas tell of its history as seat of the catholic church.  Imposing, impressively on the skyline is St Peter’s Basillica, which towers over the Vatican, testifying to the ambition of Rome’s Renaissance popes and the genius of its game changing architects.  Elsewhere, there are amply ornate piazzas and fancy fountains which add flourish to the city’s captivating streets.

Taking a coach holiday to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture.  In the picturesque streets you can while away hours in street side cafes people watching and just taking in the local culture and the atmosphere.  In the evenings the city becomes more lively when you may come across the fashionable drinkers who descend on the cities bars and cafes for a sociable Aperitivo (drinks and snacks).

Eating out is one of Rome’s greatest pleasures and the combination of romantic alfresco settings and superlative food will guarantee everyone in your party has a great time.  If fine dining is your thing there are a number of refined restaurants, but for a truly Roman meal head to a boisterous pizzeria or convivial neighbourhood trattoria.  This is where you will find the locals indulging on thin crispy pizza and local pasta dishes, accompanied with a white wine from the nearby Castelli Romani Hills.  Not to forget everyone here finishes their dinner with a big helping of gelato and limoncello! What is not to love?

A must see on many travellers itineraries is the Trevi Fountain, which is situated amongst many hotels, shops and a buzzing nightlife.  Finished in the 1700s, the Trevi Fountain is a powerful example of a baroque design with a distinctly mythological character.  According to Roman lore, throwing one, two or three coins into the Fountain in your right hand over your left shoulder ensures you’ll return to Rome, fall in love with an attractive Roman and you’ll marry the same Roman.

The epicentre of Roman Catholicism, St Peter’s Basillica is centred in Vatican City and open daily for free.  Many visitors enjoy trekking to the top of the dome. You can however pay 6 euros and take the elevator to a terrace for a beautiful panoramic view of Rome. Keep in mind that this is an active church with daily mass services and a strict stringent dress code is enforced.  Travellers recommend that you take a guided tour through the Vatican for the in-depth insight they bring to the Basillica that really makes the experience for you.

The site of many bloody gladiatorial fights, the Colosseum, which was opened in 80 A.D, could then hold up to about 50,000 spectators. Today the massive complex is a favourite site amongst travellers.  Again this attraction is really popular so its advisable to book tickets before you travel or take up a guided tour.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a foody join the many tourists who go on a guided food tour around Rome. There are many companies that offer food tours around the cities where you can experience some of the best bread, cakes, pizza, pasta and of course ice cream.  These trips are great as you tend to visit local areas out of the main city where the locals go and a lot of them you would be completely unaware of if you stick to the city centre.  The guides have great knowledge of where is best to eat and how you can determine whether the gelato is real or manufactured.

A popular favourite is jumping on a hop on / hop off bus where you get to see all of the city’s big tourist attractions and you can choose which attractions you would like to visit and plan your day around this.  The buses run regularly and you will have an interactive head set so you can be informed about the local attractions and Rome’s history whilst relaxing onboard.

There are a vast array of accommodation options for you in Rome. There are ample hotels that will suit anyone’s budget.  Or choose a local bed and breakfast or a youth hostel.  Or if you fancy being in on the action look at renting a property of a local in the town centre. There are many options available to you here.

These are just some of the things you can enjoy in Rome but there really is so much for you to see and explore here.