Where Is Emmerdale Filmed?

EmmerdaleIf you live in the UK, you know how famous Emmerdale has been over the past few decades. For those who don’t know, Emmerdale is the longest running British soap. It was initially called Emmerdale Farm from 1972 till 1989, and the name was officially changed to Emmerdale.

A lot of people ask – where is Emmerdale filmed?  It was filmed at the Arncliffe village in North Yorkshire when it was initially broadcasted.  Three years into the show it was seen that transporting all the equipments and the cast to the location was much too hectic, which is why the village of Beckinsdale was moved to Leeds in Yorkshire studios.  The scenes of the Emmerdale village (earlier known as Beckinsdale) were filmed in Esholt. The soap was shot in Esholt for 22 years, until it was moved inside a studio in Leeds. The exterior of the show is done on a set that is located in a place known as the Harewood estate.  The crew has hired a gardener who makes sure that the roses flower six weeks in advance in the estate than the rest of the country because that’s when the shooting takes place.



Other Locations Used For Filming

  1. Arncliffe, North Yorkshire, England, UK
  2. Arthington, West Yorkshire
  3. Ashwood Tea Rooms, Esholt, West Yorkshire
  4. Creskeld Hall, Bramhope, West Yorkshire
  5. Esholt, West Yorkshire
  6. Harewood House, Harewood, West Yorkshire
  7. Harogate, North Yorkshire
  8. Manchester Airport, near Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester
  9. Meanwood Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire
  10. Otley, West Yorkshire
  11. Rudding Holiday Park, Follifoot, North Yorkshire
  12. Paul’s Church, Esholt, West Yorkshire
  13. Stockeld Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire
  14. The Woolpack, Esholt, West Yorkshire
  15. Weeton, West Yorkshire
  16. Yorkshire Television Studios, Studio Road, Kirkstall, Leeds