Up and coming destinations for 2016!

VietnamWith 2016 fast approaching now is the time to think about where you’d like to explore in 2016 and make those dreams a reality. With escorted tours to almost all corners of the globe we can certainly try to help you find your dream holiday.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best up and coming destinations for 2016 and hope these will help you make up your mind.


With beautiful scenery and bustling towns and cities Vietnam has plenty of offer a traveller in 2016. The classic Chinese Temples and French-colonial houses offer contrast to the chaotic markets and streets full of residents going about their day. Mopeds and cyclists are common on the main roads each fighting for the piece of tarmac ahead, which can make the scene look like chaos. After all that hustle and bustle there is plenty of places to visit to unwind including the tranquil rivers of Hoi An, the fantastic UNESCO World Heritage site Halong Bay and some of beautiful beaches.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been named an upcoming destination and rightly so. With more holiday companies now offering flights to this Central American paradise it has started to stamp its place on the travellers map. The natural beauty of Costa Rica is plain to see with a spectacular range of plants and wildlife set between the CubaCaribbean and Pacific oceans with untouched beaches, hidden coves and tropical greenery in abundance. This paradise is great for wildlife watchers with 800 species of native birds, snakes, monkeys and even sloths on show.


This tropical paradise is the largest island in the Caribbean and has its own very distinctive character. Cuba allows visitors to truly switch off from the Western world and immerse in Cuban culture. With its famous white sand beaches contrasting the city of Havana with its faded grandeur, vintage cars and boutique hotels, there is plenty to see. The town of Trinidad offers an array of charming cobbled streets, architecture and laid back lifestyle. The first settlement capital city Baracoa, can only be reached by the sea and is a hidden gem on the East of the Island.


With great value flights, Iceland has become a real go to destination known as the land of fire and ice with spectacular mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and geysers. In the winter months from this Arctic destination there is a chance to catch a glimpse of the dazzling Northern Lights. The capital city of Reykjavik blends tradition with cosmopolitan charm. Houses are painted every colour of the rainbow, restaurants serve world-class meals and the trendy bars and clubs only add to the atmosphere.

Hong Kong

Known for its harmony between new and old, west and east. With 5000 years of tradition, 150 years of colonial British influence and a vision for the future Hong Kong has become a must visit destination for 2016. With ample places to shop until you drop in Tsim Sha Tsui or a chance to take the famous Star Ferry across the harbour to admire the skyline. There is plenty to see and do and Hong Kong acts as a great stopover en route down under!


Offering a blend of west and east and a mix of European, Chinese and Malay cultures Singapore is fast becoming a popular holiday destination and fantastic city to discover. Known for its shopping, street markets and restaurants serving all sorts of culinary delights – Singapore has become a stand out destination. Iconic buildings such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Raffles towe r defy gravity and make the skyline a sight not to be missed. With plenty of add-on options for worldwide tours, Singapore has become a go to destination for 2016.