Unique Film Events in London

You can always expect a little something extra when you’re visiting the city of London and that goes for films too. When it comes to film events, you should expect to see the best unpool this year. The following are just some of the events you can go to if you are visiting London.

Rob Knox Film Festival

The Rob Knox Film Festival has been presented by the Rob Knox Foundation to help educate young people on street violence and to support them in the area of drama and film. If you are a budding film maker, then this film festival could be just the platform you’ve been waiting for to showcase your talent to the world. If successful, you could expect your film to be screened at a number of locations across London. If you aren’t a filmmaker, well, the festival is just a great get away from the usual. The film festival also hosts unique workshops and Q&A sessions on films which are held by industry experts.

The Badlands Film Collective

The Badlands Film Collective was formed by a group of young film enthusiasts back in 2013. The event is dedicated to organizing the best film events in London to help promote the art of film making and encourage more young people to the field. The festival also hosts an interactive Q&A session which discusses the movie being screened.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club

Unlike the other film events, The Duke Mitchell Film Club brings the best in obscure films every month and has been doing so since 2007. Visitors to this film club should definitely expect a night with a difference since sometimes even the organizers don’t really know which movie is being screened until the last moment. For a more potent film experience you can check out the DukeFest which takes place each summer.