Top 7 Destinations for Coach Holidays in Europe

Travelling by coach is by far the best way of seeing the city. There’s something that’s intriguing and quite exciting about coach holidays, but with such a wide variety of destinations from which to choose from, finding the perfect city for your vacation can be a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, we’ve done the research so that you don’t have to and have come up with your best options in coach holidays. The following are some of the European cities that make great coach holiday spots.


The Loire Valley and the Nantes Flower Festival are two of the most prominent horticulture shows which are held each year in France, and both are quite the spectacle for gardeners and horticulturists who attend these two shows from all around the world. Nantes hosts the International Floralies floral exhibition every May. The tour includes a visit to these two events as well as excursions to the famous Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne, which is a castle located in the city of Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique département of France and Chateau de Villandry, which is a another castle-palace that is located at Villandry. The Nantes Flower Festival and Loire Valley tour starts at 15th May and will cost you around £849, which is not bad at all considering the spectacular places you will be visiting during your coach holidays.

Austrian CowsAustria

If ‘The sound of music’ is one of your favourite movies of all time then you should prove it by taking on of your coach holidays to the land of Austria. There you will find the little church in the scenic Lake District where Maria tied the knot with the Captain. But, that’s not all you will see in this charming country. Some other highlights of Austria include Mondsee, which is only one of the many lakes that have remained unspoilt by man, which is good to know.
Tourists can also take a guided tour of Salzburg, which is the Imperial Villa at Bad Ischl, while you’re at it you will also get to see the infamous Eagle’s Nest which was built as a teahouse for none other than Adolph Hitler. The breathtaking journey up to Obersalzberg in Berchtesgadeni alone is enough to warrant a visit to Austria at least once in your life. And that’s not all, your trip wouldn’t be complete until you saw the hillside town of Hallstatt, which also holds the title of the prettiest village in Austria.

Eastern Europe

You haven’t really seen Europe until you’ve visited Eastern Europe, and you’ll know why when you get there. Here your coach holiday will get to combine the wonderful experiences of sightseeing Germany’s lovely green valleys with a guided tour of some of the most important cities of Europe. Coach holidays get you a trip to the Charles Bridge in Prague and Wroclaw which is known as the Venice of Poland and is definitely worth the visit. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the old concentration camp of WW II, Auschwitz and experience the chill run down your spine. If you want to skip that then there’s always the trip through the magnificently constructed Eurotunnel to get a glimpse of this marvel of modern-day engineering.

Croatia and Slovenia

Considered to be amongst the most beautiful and scenic places in Europe, both Croatia and Slovenia have much to offer tourists and make for a good choice for coach holidays. There you will get to visit the Pearl of the Adriatic, which is a seaside resort unlike any other you’ve seen, making it the perfect destination for a romantic coastal vacation. Travellers there will also get to see some amazingly preserved Roman temples and amphitheatre along with the ancient town of Rovinj and the Postojna Caves at Slovenia.


The home of chocolate and cheese is definitely worth the visit at least once in your life time. Don’t forget to take a ride on the Swiss Chocolate Train in Montreux which goes right up to the town of Gruyeres, which is the location of the famous Swiss cheese factory. Also, don’t forget to visit Broc, which is the headquarters of Nestle. While you’re there you will also have the opportunity to take in all the scenic beauty of Chamonix and Lake Geneva.


If some la dolce vita is what you’re looking for then why not make a trip to Italy where you will get to sip on some of the finest wine in the world and taste some of the most delicious food your taste buds have had the pleasure of sampling. Some of the highlights of any trip to Italy will include the Prosecco winery at Valdobbiadene and Valpolicella vineyard, especially if you’re a wine aficionado. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the scenic Verona and Venice to explore some great architecture and fine dining. Italy has quite a few must-visits that just can’t be snubbed for next time and those include, the Colosseum in Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantehon and the Milan Cathedral. While visiting Italy the whole year through has much to offer, Christmas is always a sight to see in Italy.


Coach holidays of Amsterdam are a great way of seeing the city up close. From galleries to concerts and boat trips, there is always so much to do in Amsterdam, and the best part is, it they won’t even cost you a guilder. Like all European cities, Amsterdam has many marketplaces and each offers its own character. But, one market that you must pursue in particular is the Waterlooplein flea market, where you will find almost everything from antique boxes to old suits. Amsterdam is always a breathtaking experience especially because it’s just full of history and other interesting elements that makes a trip to this place worth your while.

If European history interests you then any one of these exciting destinations is sure to help you take home an abundance of memories of your coach holidays.