Top 3 TV Tours to Take in London

Downton AbbeyGoing on vacation should be all about getting a chance to escape from your everyday grind. So, it only makes sense for TV or movie buffs to use it as a time to get lost in the worlds of their favourite TV or movie characters. When it comes to TV events, there are quite a few options available for TV and movie buffs such as, the following for instance.

Downton Abbey

The series, Downton Abbey and the especially the Crawley family have garnered quite a fan following in the UK as well as the US. Fans of the can visit the Highclere Castle, which is the setting of the fictitious drama, and one of the main reasons that got the viewers fascinated to the series in the first place. The castle has been used as a family home for hundreds of years and to this day is the residence of an Earl.

Harry Potter

Few fans of Harry Potter would not want to go to the magical world of the boy wizard. If you’re not one of them then there are quite a few places that you can visit in London where the Harry Potter movies were created. Some of your options will include the Warner Bros, Harry Potter Studio Tour and the Harry Potter walking tour through the city of London. Both of which should be enough to satisfy aspiring wizards and witches.

Doctor Who

Whether you have grown up watching one of the doctors at work or you’re a recent convert, the Dr. Who locations tour at London is sure to open up your senses to new worlds you never saw before. During the tour you can expect to travel around the city visiting some of the most famous landmarks of the series that first made its debut back in 1963.

So, there you have it, the top TV events you definitely need to experience while you’re in London.