Top 3 Museum Exhibitions in London

If you’re booking a trip for the holidays to London then you would want to know of the best show events in the city first. For art and history buffs, we have compiled a list of the best museum exhibitions in the city of London for you to enjoy during your stay there.

The Natural History Museum

Otherworlds-vision of our solar system is where you will get to explore the mysteries of deep space. This spectacular exhibition features more than 70 composite images which have been taken by photographer, Michael Benson, who has used raw data from the ESA and NASA space agencies and have been put together to give us a glimpse into space we know it. The photography exhibition will take place from 22nd January to 15th May 2016 and will be held in the Natural History Museum located at Cromwell Road. Ticket prices range from £5.40 to £9.90.

The British Museum

The British Museum will let its audience delve into the underwater world of lost cities and ancient civilizations that have been lost to the sea. Sunken Cities-Egypt’s Lost Worlds focuses on two ancient Egyptian cities of Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion, which were founded almost a millennia ago and was the main trading point between the Egyptians and the Greeks at the River Nile.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is going to give its audience a glimpse on the history of underwear. ‘Undressed; A brief history of underwear’ is going to put around 200 men and women’s undergarments, including, packaging, films and photography relating to the most essential part of any wardrobe. The exhibition is going to take place from 16th April to 5th February and is expected to be a crowd puller.

So, these are just three of the best show events that are scheduled for London museums this year.