Tips to Make the Most of your City Breaks

Amsterdam“Nothing spoils a trip like a destination” goes the old saying. Instead of squabbling over where you would like to go, do it like Columbus and dedicate your vacation to discovery. All you will need to do that is a valid passport and a cardinal direction. But first, make sure you keep these points in mind before you head on to your city breaks.

Too Much Extra Baggage
To make sure your not lugging around stuff you really don’t need, before going on the trip, place everything you want to take with you on your bed and subtract one of each item. Under packing means you can always bulk up on souvenirs while you’re at your destination.

Long Queues
Long queues are a part of life. Once you’ve resigned yourself to that simple fact travelling gets easier. It is important to remember that waiting in line at the ATM machine in Amsterdam or at London Heathrow isn’t a sign that something is wrong, broken or that someone screwed up (although sometimes that is the reason!). If you want to get that cash, get on that plane or zip down that waterslide, you will have to wait in line.

Holiday Weight Gain
Yes, it happens. So, don’t forget to pack a jump rope along with your sun tan lotion. Ten to fifteen minutes with the jump rope should be enough to wipe you out and burn those extra foreign calories.

Bad Weather
Also, a reality of taking city breaks. Just in case, go prepared with a list of things you can do indoors like, getting a massage, going to the mall or having sex. It’s much better to have a plan of action instead of getting stressed that your expectations didn’t get met. Having a list will set you up for a positive experience, which is the whole idea of taking city breaks in the first place.