Tips for Buying Theatre Tickets in London

London TheatreTheatre Breaks London in 2016 will be as huge as the previous years. If you are planning a trip to the city to watch the best selling shows, you should read the following tips as they will help you out:

Get the Contact Information

Book your tickets with companies that display their contract information. There are a lot of third parties involved in fraud that take your money and don’t offer you the tickets. You should always get a conformation in your email, and if you don’t, you should contact the company as soon as possible.

Check the Official Website

The best way to go about is to check the actual prices on the official website of the theatre because that is the baseline that decides what you should be paying to agents and third parties. Check out the list of Official West End Theatre Websites before purchasing anything.

Tickets on the Day of the Show

If you did not pre-book your tickets, you can it on the same day from the TKTS theatre ticket booth in Leicester Square.

Discounted Tickets

Keep looking online for discounted tickets because if you are lucky, you will be able to find a top priced seat at a discounted range.

Day Seats

Day sears are generally cheaper so you can consider them.

Group Bookings

Most of the shows will offer you discounts for a group booking where you will purchase more than 10 tickets. It is important you know that school bookings differ.

Seating Plans

The best sets are 4 to 12 rows away from the theatre, so make sure that you get these seats.