The X Factor London Tour 2016

In case you have forgot, Louisa won X Factor by getting 53% of the vote just a few weeks ago, and with her enormously huge voice, she was a worthy winner. But before her career officially kicks off fans will get a glimpse of the star in the making along with the other finalists at the X Factor Live TV events which is scheduled for March this year.

Those who have been on a journey with the X Factor winner and her fellow contestants through auditions, the six seat challenge and the judge’s homes will now get their just rewards. The much awaited yearly event, X Factor Live is going to come to The O2 very soon.

The X Factor Live event is considered to be one of the most anticipated live events in London and for good reason. The event draws large crowds of up to three million people, which also makes it one of the most successful arena tours of the UK in the past decade. Fans of the famous TV show will soon get an opportunity to catch all their favorite contestants live at the O2 on 2nd March 2016.

The spectacular live event is a great way for fans of the show to see some of the newest acts who are definitely going to leave their mark in the future music scene. People can expect to experience a larger than life event, with astounding performances, music, singing and dancing which is come to be expected of the live event. Tickets to the TV events have been on sale since October 2015, and the event itself is sure to pull a large crowd this year around as well. What makes this particular tour special is that the event is going to be bigger and better this time around.