Miscellaneous Tips for London City Breaks

London CityThe city of London is packed with history, culture and lots of things to do, which makes it an interesting option for city breaks. Here are some useful tips to help you get on your way.

Bed Language You should Know

Bed language is something you should know especially if you’re planning to sleep while on your London city break. While you will find that most B+Bs as well as hotels offer ‘double rooms’, it basically means that they have a single double bed. The rate is calculated as per person and not per room in London and proprietors are often times unwilling to let a single person stay in a double room since there aren’t many single rooms available. If you do want to sleep alone then you should expect to pay more. Those who want a room with two beds need to specify that they want a ‘twin room’ at the reception, while a ‘double room’ always means a single double bed.

Bad Attitude

The most important advice anybody can give you is to take your city breaks with an open mind. Arrive at your destination with an attitude of learning rather than an attitude of demanding. Remember that the country is small and crowded as it is and doesn’t need one more pushy tourist. If you’re ready to experience new and different things than you will find London to be a very hospitable city.

london-skylineDon’t be Too Ambitious

While London is a large city you might be tempted to try to pack in as much as you can by zipping from place to place through the city’s narrow and winding roads. While you’re excitement is understandable, trying to do too much could frazzle your nerves and ultimately ruin your city break. Instead, take your time, breathe in the city in all its splendour, and don’t worry about the things you will have to leave for your future city breaks.

So, there you have it. These were the top three tips for those who are planning their London city breaks. Another good tip to roll off with is, try to sleep on the plane and avoid taking naps once you’ve reached London. Go to bed early that night and your jet lag should be under control by the next day.