Military Events at London 2016

ITrooping the Colourf you enjoy military parades then London has quite a few events that are scheduled for 2016 that should pique your interest. So, without any further ado, here’s a list of the military events for 2016.

Trooping the Colour at Horse Guards

Horse Guards, Whitehall, Westminster

10 am – 4th June 2016

Trooping the Colour is considered to be one of the best set-pieces of the year. But, while the first rehearsal is held two weeks before the actual called ‘The Major’s Review’ there is a second rehearsal which is held just a week before the actual event called ‘The Colonel’s Review’.

While you won’t be seeing the Queen at any of the rehearsals, you will find Lieutenant General Sir James Bucknall who will be standing in for the queen at the event. The upside of going to the event is that it is less crowded so there will be much more space to move around and watch the soldiers as they march past. While visitors will be able to watch the soldiers march past for free, sitting inside Horse Guards will require a ticket which is going to cost you.

The actual celebration takes place on 11th June 2016. At the parade you will get to see a long parade of mounted and foot soldiers along with marching bands who start off from Buckingham Palace and pass down The Mall towards Horse Guards, where the Queen and other royal dignitaries will be seated to watch the show.

Glen Miller Orchestra – Playing Wartime Hits

Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road – Southbank

2:30 pm – 2nd April 2016

If you’re in the mood for some war time hits then the Glen Miller Orchestra will be taking its audience on a journey back in time to the 1940s. While the program is yet to be announced, you can expect the concert on 2nd April 2016.