London’s Top Short Film Events Scheduled for Summer

As the New Year begins there are a wide variety of short film festivals which flicker across the city of London, introducing us to numerous cinematic gems that feed the imagination of tourists and residents alike making these film events a must-visit for movie buffs.

Watersprite -The Cambridge International Student Film Festival

March 2016 – Cambridge

The Cambridge International Student Film Festival is a weekend-long extravaganza, which educates and entertains a broad audience of film enthusiasts. The festival is made up of various sessions that are hosted by filmmakers who impart valuable insights on editing and composition. You can expect to see some of the biggest names from the film industry here. While the 2016 calendar hasn’t yet been finalized, it is going to take place from 4th to 6th March.

Glasgow Short Film Festival

16-20 March 2016 – Glasgow

The Glasgow Short Film Festival is considered to be Scotland’s top short film event where people get to see short films from emerging Scottish as well as international film makers. The fill programme for 2016 will be announced in February, but the event is no longer accepting any submissions.

The Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games

February 2016 – Middlesbrough

The Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games is the largest festival which is dedicated solely to animations and PC games. The festival takes place for a whole week every February and hosts a number of guest speakers from the global gaming and animation community who educate, entertain and inspire large crowds that are mostly made up of professionals, students and gaming and animation enthusiasts who come from all parts of the world.

So, these were just some of the options for film enthusiasts when it comes to film events being held in and around London.