Investigate London with a Sherlock Walking Tour

Baker StreetSince the crime drama first hit TV back in 2010, it has been a cult phenomenon. Sherlock has gained quite a following in England as well as the rest of the world. The one-of-a-kind detective was created by Sir Author Conan Doyle, and the TV series was shot in multiple locations across the UK where the original story is set.

Sherlock Holmes London TV events, tours are a must-do for those who are visiting London. The tour takes you literally everywhere, from the gentlemen’s club to grand hotels that have been featured both in the novels and the TV series. While you won’t expect to find the stars of the hit TV show Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch strolling around the set, you will have the opportunity to take plenty of pictures while you visit the many locations up close.

While the locations are scattered throughout London, you will get to see many of the most prominent filming locations that have been immortalized on screen such as, Speedy’s café, St. Bart’s hospital and who can forget the famous 221B Baker Street. Apart from that, you can also expect to see much much more from the TV series.

The tour is a great way of seeing the city of London like you never have before while you learn about new things about the world’s most famous detective. Both private and group TV events, tours are available and are reasonably priced. While tours are available throughout the year, it is well worth the time and money if you’re visiting London during the summer. For more information on the different Sherlock walking tour options available you can go online, compare sites and choose the one that piques your interest.