Earn that Tan – Top European City Break Destinations

It’s an old saying that a tan should be the sum of your experiences during the summer and not some bullet point on your city break, to-do list. This summer skip the artificial bake ovens and earn your tan like a man (or woman) by taking your city breaks to some awesome destinations like these for instance;

DubrovnikDubrovnik – Croatia

Sightseeing bus tours start from £6, which is the cheapest you could find in Europe. The bohemian allure of Dubrovnik is well known amongst city breakers and is a great destination for those who are looking forward to trying something different than the usual.

Athens – Greece

When it comes to cheap Euro-zone city breaks, the Greek capital is right up there. If you’re looking to get your tan the old fashion way- by walking through open-air markets and astonishing historic sites then Athens, Greece is your go-to destination. From the Acropolis to the ancient temple of Olympian Zeus, get ready to be wowed.

Riga – Latvia

With a two-night stay in a decent three-star hotel costing around £36, Riga, Latvia is a great option for those who like adventure. Make your way on foot through the labyrinthine streets of Riga and find something new at every turn.

BudapestBudapest – Hungary

If you like to sip on some wine while you’re getting that tan, why not try Budapest, Hungary where a glass is prices at just £ 0.92 on average.

Lisbon – Portugal

With a 330ml bottle of beer priced at just £0.97, Lisbon, Portugal should definitely be on your city breaks list.

Ending Note

In case you were wondering, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Rome made it to the more expensive city breaks list, so if you’re on a budget. Make sure you have the funds beforehand.