Coach Holidays in Lake Garda

For one of the most amazing coach holiday experiences why not book an amazing trip that you and your family wont forget to the beautiful Lake Garda. The best time of the year to visit is from may till September if you want to make the most of the lovely weather and the facilities and trips in the local areas. Lake Garda is situated in Northern Italy and is well known for its crystal clear water.

For a beautiful place to visit start your coach holiday in the lovely town of Malcesine, which is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda.  It is a well- known picturesque tourist town with cobbled lanes, a stunning castle over looking the lake and is found hidden between the beautiful blue lake and a vast mountain ridge behind Mont Baldo.  During summer months Malcesine is filled with pottering holiday makers trying out the local gelato and the lovely pizza. Malcesine has ferry links to Limone and Riva to name a few so is a great spot as the base for your holiday.  The historic castle, the Castello Scaligero is beautiful and worth a visit.  The castle takes it name from the della Scala family who used to own it during the 13th and 14th centuries.  The castle also hosts a museum and if your lucky you may often see couples tieing the knot here in the beautiful surroundings.  From Malcesine you can hop on the cable car up to Monte Baldo, which is a great excursion offering beautiful views of the lake and the local area.  There are ample hotels and restaurants in Malcesine with something to appeal to everyone’s taste and budget.

Lake Garda

Another popular place on the lake to visit is Limone.  It lies between the mountainous northern end of the lake and the rocky cliffs that rise up above the waterfront town centre.  Limone is the Italian word for “lemon” and this shore was once renowned for growing lemons and other citrus fruits.  The heart of the old town is the little harbour.  From here, narrow lanes lined with shops wind along the shore and up the slopes behind.  There are many lakeside places to eat or just sit with a limoncello and watch the world go by.  Limone has several churches which are worth visiting.  You will notice as you enter the churches there are various shrines and pictures of the bearded saint.  This is Daniel Comboni, a missionary who was born here in 1831.  As well as pottering around the shops there are many beaches where you can catch some rays and the regular boat service to other destinations on the lake.

Whilst in the vicinity it would only be right to take a trip to Verona.  Best known for its Shakespeare associations, Verona attracts a whole host of tourists from all over the globe.  It has plenty of pretty piazzas and many lanes for you explore and start your search for Romeo and Juliet.  Verona is home to the well-preserved 1st century amphitheatre. The venue for the city’s annual summer opera theatre.  Throw in the countless churches, architectural fascinating bridges over the Adige, regional wine and food from the Vento hinterland and some of the most impressive art, it is no wonder Verona is on so many people’s bucket lists.

For something a little different take a trip to the Dolomites.  They are a beautiful mountain range located in northern Italy.  This region is bursting with natural beauty and diversity.  The beauty of the Dolomites and the surrounding landscape will enchant you in every season.  This area has its own unique and irresistible appeals.  There are many recreational activities for you to enjoy here.

ItalyAnother great city located close to Lake Garda is the outstanding Venice.  The Grand Canal speaks for itself, reflecting the many centuries of Venetian architecture in the 50 palazzi and the 6 churches lining it banks.  Go a little off piste and explore the backstreets to experience local history and culture.  There are plenty of opportunities for you experience local cuisine and traditions within the city alongside a whole host of history for you to enjoy.


Whilst back on the lake take a trip to Riva Del Garda, the most northernly part of the lake.  There are many winding streets to explore and the winds make windsurfing here fabulous. One of Riva’s striking buildings is the Torre Apponale, a clock tower which dates back to the 13th century and looks down on the piazza and the heart of the town.  Riva is a larger town than some of the others on the lake and a great base for exploring the local area.

This isn’t even really the tip of the iceberg of what you can experience in the beautiful Lake Garda, but it is a place with so much to offer that you will certainly be wanting to come back for more and more.