A Snapshot of Christmas Overseas

Christmas in AustraliaEver wondered what Christmas would be like in a different country? Fed up of this cold weather then why not head to a hot country like Australia or for something more exotic head to India for Christmas. Here one of the team from Door2Tour coach breaks tells you about her experiences of Christmas in another country during her travels around the world…

Christmas in Australia
Australia is a perfect country to spend Christmas, with a culture similar to the UK it is celebrated throughout . At first you may find it a little difficult to believe that it is actually Christmas when it’s so hot outside, even our summer doesn’t get that warm (especially if you look at what happened this year)! You will still find the traditional decorations, Christmas trees and people dressed up as Father Christmas and there is definitely a Christmas feel in the air, just not as we know it. A roast dinner is not always top of peoples priority when it is 30+ degrees outside so a popular Christmas lunch is seafood and a BBQ. We opted for the BBQ
and even had our first taste of kangaroo! No Christmas Day is complete without a trip to the beach and if you are in Sydney, Bondi Beach is usually classed as a highlight but bear in mind it will also be a highlight for thousands of other people. Christmas is important as a family day for the Australians, whereas Boxing Day is the day for the sports loving Australians. Many important sports events are held on Boxing Day such as the Cricket (The Boxing Day test match) held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and also it is the start of the Sydney- Hobart Yacht race.

Christmas in India
Kerala, a state in Southern  India, known by the local tourist board as God’s Own Country is another great destination for Christmas. There is quite a strong Christian presence in the area so you find Christmas trees and decorations in certain areas. Last year I was very fortunate and spent Christmas in the resort of Kovalam by the beach. Christmas Eve is when the
celebrations begin and in true British style it was pouring with rain, I am welsh and thought I was used to rain until I saw the rain in India! Luckily this did not deter everyone and we all went out for a feast. On Christmas Day, all the fishermen from surrounding villages took to their boats and headed to the resort of Kovalam, obviously having a few drinks beforehand! According to some locals, it is one of the only days of the year the fishermen have a holiday and boy do they celebrate. It made a night out in your local town look tame, they certainly enjoyed a drink or ten but it was all very good natured. I have never said ‘Happy Christmas’ so many times on one day. For Christmas Dinner, we opted for a tandoori fish with vegetable curry, very yummy!

Have any of you experienced Christmas overseas? If so, do tell us where you were and what it was like. We’d love to hear from you!