Thursford Christmas Spectacular – Everything you need to know!

Caroline from the team was lucky enough to go to the Christmas Spectacular at Thursford and here she answers all of the questions you may have about this fantastic show and also gives you her thoughts.

Questions about Thursford

What is Thursford Christmas Spectacular?
Thursford Christmas Spectacular is the largest Christmas show in the country, attracting over 5.8 million visitors to date. This magical show is set in the  surroundings of mechanical organs and fairground carousels. The 120 cast members, many of whom are straight out of the West End, are a mix of professional singers, dancers and musicians.

What should I expect from Thursford?
You will be showered with an extravaganza of non-stop singing, dancing, music, humour and variety

Where is the Thursford Christmas Show?
As the name suggests, the show is located in the village of Thursford, close of the town of Fakenham in Norfolk.

Is Thursford Christmas Show indoors?
Yes, don’t worry you won’t have the brave the British Winter, as the show is inside an auditorium.

How many seats are there at the Thursford Christmas Spectacular?
There is a maximum capacity of approximately 1,500 people.

How long does the show last?
The performance lasts 3 hours and has a 25-minute interval.

What are the Thursford show times?
There are 2 shows a day and they are at 2pm – 5pm and 7pm – 10pm.

Can children go to Thursford Christmas show?
Children over the age of 8 years old are able to attend the show. There is an advisory age limit of 8 years old because of the show’s length and content. Unfortunately, children under the age of 5 years old are not permitted entry.

Are there places to eat and drink at Thursford?
Yes, outside there is the Garden Pavilion restaurant, Barn café and 6 gift shops on site and inside the auditorium there is a Carousel tea bar and Licensed bar.

Can you bring your own food and drinks?
Yes, you are able to bring your own food and drink. However, you cannot eat or drink it in any of the dining areas or restaurants.

Our Review on the Christmas Spectacular Show.

What did you think about Thursford Christmas Spectacular and was the show as you expected?
It was fantastic, very professional, lovely grounds all decorated with thousands of Christmas lights and decorations. The main event being the show was outstanding, the stage and surrounds were magical the cast and singers were top professional and so many of them, brilliant acts and songs. This show was better than many West End productions, that I have been to.  The organisation of the event was second to none, the staff were all courteous and couldn’t have been more helpful.

Any hint or tips for visitors going to Thursford?
When visiting make sure you do the shops, Victorian Fairground and Enchanted Journey of Light before seeing the show as you will not get time after. You can take your own drinks in so you can save a bit of money and spend it on some souvenirs!

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